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SoyCraft was founded by Vikki in Singapore, who was inspired by her beloved Pomeranian named Soya. Vikki wanted to create a line of pet products that were not only functional, but also luxe and comfortable, and would match the elegance of the fur-babies' owners. That's why all of the products at SoyCraft are made with the highest level of care and attention to detail.

At SoyCraft, we use only the finest materials, including 100% pure breathable cotton and vegan leather, which is also used in the production of high quality baby products. These materials are carefully chosen for their ability to wick away moisture and ventilate cool air, which helps to keep your furry friend feeling comfortable and cool.

Our carriers are designed in Singapore to serve beyond the basic needs of a pet carrier. In addition to being a comfortable and secure way to transport your pet, they can also be converted into a car seat or a sling carrier for hands-free use. This added versatility makes them perfect for all of your pet transportation needs.

At SoyCraft, we understand that our furry companions are more than just pets - they are an important part of the family. Thus we pride ourselves to use the best materials we can source for our fur-babies, and be thorough in our QC process. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible products and experience, and we hope that our products will bring joy and comfort to both you and your furry friend.